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Juliann Whicker


language ( March 2, 2020)
Dreams can be deadly, even when your fated mate is a dark fae prince the monsters fear.

Rule #1 Don't talk to your hallucinations.
Rule #2 Don't let anyone know your fears.
Rule #3 Don't let anyone get too close.

I’m El Adams, Eleanor if you want to get fancy. Our family moves around a lot. Every first day of a new school, my sister Jax ends up being hit on by a creep, and I go to detention for rescuing her. Hitting on boys for me is beating the crap out of them, but this town is different.I can’t stand people touching me, ever since I was abducted I don’t remember when I was eleven, but this time, for the first time, I touched a guy and didn’t want to die. It’s love at first touch. He’s bigger than anyone, stronger, graceful, and he can handle my hallucinations and weirdness.Until I realize that they aren’t hallucinations and my nightmares are coming for me.
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