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Elise Allen


Paperback (Disney-Hyperion March 2, 2021)
Double the adventure, double the twists, and double the sisterhood!
Sara leaned closer to Flissa and Loriah. "Why does everyone here say 'princess' like it's a bad word?"
Princesses Sara and Flissa have made a triumphant return from the Twists and are excited to attend Maldevon Academy, the first school for both magical and non-magical students. Flissa hopes to join the school's hoodle team, and Sara can't wait to meet new people and stretch her magical abilities. But the twins soon discover not everyone is happy with the newly unified kingdom of Kaloon, and that while unification has gained the royal family a few fans, it has also created new enemies.
Strange happenings at school suggest someone is working to undermine the newfound peace, and it's up to the princesses to unravel the plot. With the upcoming, kingdom-wide Kaloonification Ball to be planned, the stakes are higher than ever. But as Flissa and Sara leave "Flissara" behind and embrace their individual identities, they also find themselves at odds. Can the twins learn to trust each other in time to uncover the truth and catch the culprit?
Don't miss this spellbinding sequel to Elise Allen's Twinchantment, full of fantastical hijinks, magical mysteries, and charming characters old and new.
Twinchantment (Book 2)
1368012477 / 9781368012478
17.6 oz.

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