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Age 10-14
Grade 5-9

Martha Weston

Act I, Act II, Act Normal

Hardcover (Roaring Brook Press April 9, 2003)
I felt my ears get hot. I'd gotten my wish--a big part--but this part? And in this play?Topher Blakely has been waiting all his life to get the lead in the eight-grade play. But the contest winner is a fairy tale! At least Topher gets to act mean and wear a fake beard.Topher and his best friend, Kip, know that from Populars to Losers, the label you get is the label you live, and nobody lets you forget it. At least half the school would rather eat rocks than try out for a play. Want people to think you're a geek or gay? Hang out near the theater. And Bad Daniel, the school bully, makes sure Topher never forgets it.At least a guy can go home to relax, right? Won't Topher's savvy, undertanding parents, his adoring little sister, and his fun-loving pet cat put life in perspective? Yeah, rrriiiight. . .
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