Age 4-8
Grade PK-3

Anne Rockwell, Megan Halsey

Four Seasons Make a Year

Hardcover (Bloomsbury USA Childrens March 1, 2004) , Illustrated Edition

Beloved author Anne Rockwell takes young readers through the year, as each season brings new surprises and discoveries.

In the spring, leaves sprout, showers come, and it's time for planting. Bees buzz and roses bloom as summer arrives. The fall turns pumpkins orange and leaves red and gold, and the wind grows cold. In wintertime, snow twirls down, and the flames in the fireplace leap and glow. Next year, it will all happen again, but it will be a little different, too. Everything is always growing and changing on a farm. Megan Halsey's charming collage illustrations are the perfect complement to this delightful introduction to the wonders of the seasons.

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