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Age 9-12
Grade 4-6

Obert Skye


Hardcover (Henry Holt and Co. (BYR) Sept. 27, 2011) , First Edition

Twelve-year-old underachiever Rob has better things to do than read. His parents give him lots of books but most of them just end up in the messy pile of junk he keeps locked in his closet that once doubled as a makeshift science laboratory. One day, Rob hears weird sounds coming from behind his closet door and discovers a funny little creature that seems to be a cross between two characters from books he's tried to ignore. He names him Wonkenstein.

Keeping track of "Wonk" is hard work. But with help from friends and a little off-the-wall magic, Rob and Wonkenstein's crazy adventures set the stage for great laughs . . . and Rob might even read some good books along the way.

The creature from my closet (Book 1)
0805092684 / 9780805092684
13.4 oz.
6.18 x 0.86 in.

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