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Pirate's Atlas
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LJ Andrews
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4 Arrows
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LJ Andrews

Pirate's Atlas

eBook (4 Arrows March 17, 2017) , 1 edition
A forgotten runaway.
A boy searching for longing.

An adventure you can't miss.

Being a twelve-year-old in the floating Launi Kingdom is nothing short of an adventure. But when tragedy strikes, Atlas soon leaves his life behind and becomes a stowaway in the vast skies of sailing merchants, traders, and pirates.
Little does Atlas know how his life will be turned upside down, but will he rise above the darkness of the skies and become the sailor he's destined to be, or will the once carefree boy be lost in a world among the clouds?

Pirate's Atlas, is a companion short story to the exciting series starter, Pirate's Vengeance in the Djinn Kingdom series. Join Atlas on his journey from boy to man. Will he live the life he always dreamed or will piracy become his new journey?

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