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The Imposter
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Gary Blackwood
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Red Deer Press
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Grade 4-6

Gary Blackwood

The Imposter

Paperback (Red Deer Press May 18, 2012) , 1st Edition

At 14 years old, Ryan Waite is not a bad actor -- in fact he’s quite a good one. Good enough to have had several years’ experience on various stages of Toronto, where he lives with his mother. When Ryan messes up an audition for a part in Les Miz, he makes contact with a bulky character named Burton who launches the boy into the most challenging role of his lifetime. Burton turns out to be a private investigator who’s out to make some big money through arranging for Ryan to impersonate a boy who is the long-lost son of a millionaire desperate to re-establish the relationship with his son before he dies. Suddenly Ryan finds himself performing a part considerably beyond his depth, having to improvise emotions and understandings and make up complicated lies just in order to stay ahead of the game.Ryan knows discovery is inevitable and when the moment arrives, he has to dig deep to find the most graceful and honourable way of making his exit.
088995478X / 9780889954786
8.2 oz.
5.25 x 0.5 in.

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