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Age 11-14
Grade 4-10

Alex Woolf

Children of the Holocaust

Hardcover (B.E.S. Publishing Oct. 1, 2014)

The Holocaust remains one of the most shocking events of the 20th century, one that still resonates strongly today. Its Nazi perpetrators showed no mercy, not even to children, so it is often the experiences of the children of this era that speak to us most powerfully. Children of the Holocaust explores the Holocaust through the eyes of the children who survived. Personal testimonies, diaries and quotes convey the tragedy of this historic period, as well as those moments of great fortitude, courage, and kindness. Young readers will find a riveting review of the period, starting with the early persecution of the Jews through the "final solution" and on into liberation, that includes:

  • An introduction to The Holocaust, what it was and how long it lasted
  • A timeline of events, glossary, and other resources for further reading
  • Powerful images of people, locations, and objects from the time

As the Holocaust moves farther away from us in history, it is important to keep it in the consciousness of the next generations. By using the experiences of children, this book is a powerful way to engage the attention and sympathy of today's young people. This compelling book is a grade-appropriate text that educators can use to meet Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts. Full-color throughout with more than 50 images.

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