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The Last Airbender Movie Novelization

Age 8+
Grade 4-6

Michael Teitelbaum

The Last Airbender Movie Novelization

Paperback (Simon Spotlight/Nickelodeon May 25, 2010) , Media Tie In edition
In another age, power is balanced among four great nations: Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Leaders of each nation are able to manipulate--bend--their native element. Only one bender, the Avatar, whose spirit is reincarnated through the years, can master all four elements--and is the one who can maintain the world order. When the Avatar disappeared a hundred years ago, the Fire Nation attacked. All hope was lost . . . until the arrival of Aang, a twelve-year-old Airbender, who reveals himself as the new Avatar. And he must now save the world from being dominated by the Fire Nation. This live-action movie tells the story from the the first season of the original TV series.
1442401745 / 9781442401747
3.5 oz.
5.2 x 0.8 in.

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