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Age 5-8
Grade K-3

Catherine Veitch, Fermin Solis

What's Wrong? In the Wild

Hardcover (QEB Publishing Aug. 14, 2018)
Search each beautifully illustrated wildlife scene to find the five out-of-place or 'wrong' things. Featuring fascinating facts and humorous illustrations, this search-and-find book with a twist is a fun way to learn about wildlife and the natural world. Answers are included at the back of the book as well as 'strange but true' facts about things that look wrong, but are actually right! Designed to challenge children and push them to work things out for themselves, they’ll also be encouraged to think about where the 'wrong' things do belong.
What's Wrong?
1682973735 / 9781682973738
12.5 oz.
10.4 x 0.4 in.

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