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Things You Can't See Can Make You Sick

Grade 3-4

Rae Simons, Elise DeVore Berlan, MD, MPH, FAAP

Things You Can't See Can Make You Sick

Library Binding (AlphaHouse Publishing Sept. 1, 2008) , 1st edition
This lively book offers clear information on how the thousands of viruses and bacteria can cause illness, from common infections such as colds, flu, and pink eye, to potentially fatal infections such as AIDS and HIV, hepatitis, and SARS. With age-appropriate language, the book succinctly explains the differences between viruses and bacteria, describes how viruses can mutate to become potentially more dangerous, and provides important information on how people can protect themselves from both kinds of germs. Things You Can t See Can Make You Sick: Viruses & Bacteria uses an array of well-researched methods to make complicated information easy to comprehend: -- Simple and concise explanations make complicated health topics easy enough for young readers to understand. -- Color diagrams and illustrations enhance the text. -- A kid who has had a serious viral infection shares her story. -- Information on the latest research and medical advancements is included. -- Ask the Doctor sections connect a licensed health practitioner with children s real questions about viruses and bacteria. -- Inside/Outside perspectives help children understand how bacteria and viruses affect their bodies on the inside and what that looks like on the outside. -- Boxed glossary words on every page define unfamiliar terms for kids. -- Did You Know? boxes round out readers information on the various topics. -- Just the Facts boxes summarize each chapter in easily understood, bite-size packages. -- A Find Out More section directs readers to additional resources found on the Internet. -- A learning map helps readers organize new information.
Kids' Guide to Disease & Wellness (Book 5)
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