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Age 5-8
Grade K-2

Anne Mazer, Steve Johnson, Lou Fancher

The Salamander Room

Library Binding (Turtleback March 1, 1994) , Turtleback Binding Edition
A boy finds a salamander in the woods and imagines the many things he can do to turn his room into a perfect salamander home. Together, Anne Mazer and Steve Johnson have created a woodland paradise that any salamander would love to share with a child. Turtleback binding is a highly durable alternative to a hardcover or paperback book. The comprehensive cover reinforcement process will drastically combat wear and tear, keeping your favorite books in great condition for years to come! Turtleback books are ideal for any reader, or for use in schools or libraries.
0613034791 / 9780613034791
12.5 oz.
10.1 x 0.37 in.

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