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M. Henry, R. Bog

The Adventures of Bab

eBook (Xlibris US Oct. 24, 2018)
This story follows Bab the teddy bear to the Laundromat. There’s no nice way to put it: Bab stinks, and his owner Lou hasn’t been playing with him. Lou has feeding problems and a feeding tube, and he has had accidents on his beloved bear, leaving a noticeable smell. Lou’s mom takes Bab and Bab’s friend Quacks to the Laundromat to get cleaned. There, the pair learns that getting cleaned can be a good time. These stories are something important to R. Bog and M. Henry to shed light on disabled children and to show them that being different isn’t the same as being unworthy, unlovable, uninspiring, or unincredible. Everyone is worthy, and these stories prove it.