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Age 5-6

Julie Harper

Wacky Stories

Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform March 29, 2015) , Large Print edition
Enjoy some fun and wacky short stories. Are you ready to hear your kids giggle through some amusing stories?
  • Story 1. Kids will enjoy these strange animal noises. They're fun to make, too.
  • Story 2. The suspense builds as everybody except for Santa comes out of a fireplace.
  • Story 3. There are some funny things in this pond.
  • Story 4. Wacky tastes are the feature of this story.
  • Story 5. Sea creatures are doing something strange.
  • Story 6. You won't believe what's laughing.
  • Story 7. It's the silliest zoo that you'll ever visit.
  • Story 8. What do you do when your reflection won't cooperate?
  • Story 9. A princess saves a knight in distress, but that's not the wacky part.
  • Story 10. Imagine the power of this super remote control.
The stories are short enough (around 200 words each) to keep kids focused on the story and to not seem overwhelming. Pictures are kept to a minimum (mostly in the form of story headings) so that children can focus on the storytelling without too many visual clues.

Each story is followed by four optional multiple choice questions designed to assess basic reading comprehension and reasoning skills. Answers are tabulated in the back of the book. Each story is followed by a storytelling prompt, with blank lines for writing, which can be used to try and get kids to write their own wacky stories.

May your children or students learn to love reading and make it a lifelong habit.
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