Age 7+
Grade 1-4

Monica Grady, Lucia deLeiris

Stardust from Space

Hardcover (Frances Lincoln Children's Books June 11, 2007)

Far from the city, millions of starts are visible in the night sky. But these beautiful, twinkling lights are really giant balls of fusing gas that lie millions and millions of miles away and formed from a substance known as stardust. Stardust made the planets, too, and the Moon, comets, meteorites, and asteroids. In this absorbing book, based on the latest scientific information, young readers learn what this fundamental dust is and where its journey started. The wonders of the cosmos are beautifully depicted in Lucia de Leiris’s luminous illustrations.

Natural History Museums
1845075706 / 9781845075705
14.9 oz.
9.8 x 0.5 in.

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