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Age 3-6
Grade 1-2

Judy Allen, Tudor Humphries

Flip The Flaps: Dinosaurs

Paperback (Kingfisher April 26, 2011) , First edition

With their sharp teeth, massive size, and otherworldly shapes, dinosaurs are an endlessly fascinating topic for children. BY starting with children's most common questions, this book's accessible approach lets them uncover all kinds of extraordinary facts about favorite topics like feeding and nesting, fighting, defense, and adaptation. In Flip The Flaps: Dinosaurs by Judy Allen with illustrations by Tudor Humphries, readers can watch a T-Rex tear at the pages, a Diplodocus move its whip-like tail, and a Triceratops charge at a predator. Roaaarrr!

Flip the Flaps
0753464969 / 9780753464960
5.0 oz.
8.5 x 0.2 in.

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