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Sisters: A Young Adult Urban Fantasy Novella

Eliza Nolan

Sisters: A Young Adult Urban Fantasy Novella

Paperback (Independently published Nov. 26, 2019)
Demons were definitely not on the Hunter sisters’ Christmas list. When fifteen-year-old Eva delves into the occult with an ancient spirit board, her older sister Grace’s holiday prep becomes a terrifying nightmare. Oven fires. Demonic carolers. Bleeding Christmas trees. What Eva thought would be nothing more than a fun game sends her down a dark path that quickly spirals out of control. Following the trail of mystery leads Eva to a family secret with a demonic twist. Can she unravel the malicious pact from the past in time to prevent a bloody awful Christmas?This book contains blood, gore, occult references, demons, hot cocoa, and Christmas cookies. Not for the faint of heart.
Hunter Sisters (Book 1)
1699498156 / 9781699498156
6.4 oz.
4.0 x 0.5 in.

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