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Big Ugly Monster and the Little Stone Rabbit

Age 4+
Grade PK+

Christopher Wormell

Big Ugly Monster and the Little Stone Rabbit

Paperback (Red Fox Jan. 1, 2005) , New Ed edition
'Once, in a cave, there lived a horrible ugly monster. Perhaps the most horrible and ugly monster in the whole world.' So ugly is the monster that lives in this cave that he can turn a blue sky to snow and evaporate a pond just by dipping his toe in it. No living thing can stand to be in his presence. But the monster is not ugly on the inside; he's just lonely; very, very lonely. So he decides to build some friends out of stone, but not even stone can stand the full force of the monster's smile, and all the stone animals shatter ...except for one: the little stone rabbit. The monster is thrilled with his new friend - even if the only game he's any good at is playing statues (at which he excels) - and for a time life is good. But even monsters cannot live forever..."There is about a score of children's book illustrators nowadays whose draughtsmanship is really distinguished. Chris Wormell is one of them ...This book is both funny and sad ...The story of the 'ugliest monster in the whole world' turns out to be a thing of beauty" - "Sunday Times". "The wit and vigour of the drawings match this infinitely endearing tale about the triumph of the imagination at supplying natural deficiencies" - "The Times". "A beautifully drawn book with an interesting story line. While the monster is scary to begin with, you quickly warm to him" - NI4Kids. "Wormell's bold and powerful artwork is stirring and it is impossible to leave this book unmoved" - "Scottish Sunday Herald". "Striking images, almost hewn out of the pages, and a lightly poetic narrative tell the story of an outcast monster who chisels a rabbit out of the rock" - "Glasgow Herald".
0099455951 / 9780099455950
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10.0 x 10.0 in.

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