Carmela D'amico, Steven D'amico, Steve D'amico, Carmela D'Amico, STEVEN D'AMICO

Ella Sets The Stage

eBook (Scholastic Inc. Nov. 25, 2014)
The school on Elephant Island is holding a talent show, and all the children are excited -- all the children, that is, except for Ella. Belinda's going to do ballet, Tiki's planned a magic act, but Ella doesn't have a single idea. She can't sing, dance, or play an instrument -- doesn't Ella have any talent at all?

Then comes the night of the big show, and Ella discovers her own special talent that shines very bright -- even when she's not in the limelight. Carmela and Steve D'Amico put friendship center stage in this third charming elephant adventure.

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