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Tales From Cooks Cove One for Sorrow

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Age 12+
Grade 7+

Mary Sheppard

Tales From Cooks Cove One for Sorrow

Paperback (Puffin Canada April 1, 2008)
Set in Newfoundland, One for Sorrow chronicles a pivotal year in the life of Issy Heffernan, one of the most complex and appealing young heroines in YA fiction. Saddled with a mean and bedridden mother; an older, increasingly bitter schoolmarm of a sister; and a lovely but mainly absent father, Issy dreams of leaving her miserable life behind for a life on the mainland, maybe even in a big city such as Toronto.What reason is there for her to stay? But there's one thing holding her back: Issy is illiterate. She can't read at all and never could. How far can she really go?
Tales from Cook's Cove
0143054139 / 9780143054139
8.8 oz.
5.3 x 0.7 in.

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