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Age 9-11
Grade 4-6

Liz Gogerly, Rob Hunt

Journey Through: The USA

Paperback (Franklin Watts June 12, 2018)

Journey Through the USA offers a look at the landscape, culture and people of the United States, from the exciting buzz of New York, along the Appalachian Trail through many of the states along it's route, via Chicago and the Great Lakes, through the southern states and cowboy country to the sunshine and surf of California and Hawaii.

Journey Through offers young readers the chance to take a trip through exciting world countries using different modes of transport, from train and car to bicycle and private jet. Along the way the traveller visits highlighted places both well known and less known, and learns lots of exciting facts about history, language, culture and much more.

Journey Through (Book 6)
1445136767 / 9781445136769
5.0 oz.
8.38 x 0.5 in.

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