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Princess Ponies 3: The Special Secret

Age 7-10
Grade 2-3

Chloe Ryder

Princess Ponies 3: The Special Secret

Paperback (Bloomsbury USA Childrens Aug. 26, 2014) , Nov edition

Enter a land of magical ponies in this chapter book series that features illustrations throughout and comes with a collectible charm!

On an enchanted island far, far away, princess ponies can talk and play. Eight golden horseshoes give the ponies their magic, but when the shoes go missing from the castle, only a true pony lover can save the princesses and their home.

It's Harvest Day on the magical island of Chevalia. Pippa and her Princess Pony friend Stardust head to the grasslands to help - and to search for the missing horseshoes. Stardust decides that princesses shouldn't get their hoofs dirty doing farm work. But is a missing horseshoe hidden in the fields?

Brought to life with illustrations, this story also comes with a collectible charm!

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Princess Ponies (Book 3)
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