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Grade 4-6

Barbara Birenbaum, Pat Sapp and Barbara Birenbaum

The Olympic Glow

Hardcover (Peartree Books Jan. 4, 1994)
THE OLYMPIC GLOW-Kindl meets Olympic torchbearers/ He travels back in time to first Olympics 776BC/ Comes forward to modern history- design and dev of torch, its part in Games/ Takes up mission to discover meaning of Olympic torch, its symbols, significance, and how it travels to both summer and winter games/ He becomes torchbearer/ Shares why non-athletic persons can be part of Olympics/ carries a message of good will, fair play and sportsmanship aaround world. Included in ACOG Curriculum Guide for children.
Kindl Adventure Series
0935343458 / 9780935343458
8.0 oz.
6.0 x 0.5 in.

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