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Age 3-5

Carmela D'Amico, Steve D'Amico

Suki and Mirabella

Hardcover (Dial Books Jan. 24, 2013)
In this companion to Suki the Very Loud Bunny, life is lovely in Suki’s burrow. But when Suki’s cousin, Mirabella, comes to visit, no one is interested in Suki’s games anymore, least of all Mirabella, who has a very different (and clean) idea of fun. As Suki and Mirabella try to one-up each other through various stunts and competitions, they get stuck (literally!) in a bit of trouble. By working together, Suki and Mirabella learn that they can both win if they help each other, which just might be the best—and messiest—fun of all.
0803737408 / 9780803737402
13.6 oz.
9.0 x 0.25 in.

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