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STEM Jobs in Fashion and Beauty

Age 9-13
Grade 4-8

Carla Mooney

STEM Jobs in Fashion and Beauty

Paperback (Rourke Educational Media Aug. 1, 2014)
Would you like to be a fashion designer using cutting-edge technology to design an upcoming collection? How about a chemist who works in a lab developing the latest face cream or sunscreen? All industries need people with STEM skills to build and develop the next great thing. Learn how this exciting STEM career is taking it to the next level with eco-friendly materials, made from recycled and organically grown items to use in their designs, and cosmetic scientists who are always developing the latest, greatest skin care line. If you love fashion and beauty, this might be the career for you! This book will allow students to understand how small changes in one part of a system might cause large changes in another part.
STEM Jobs You'll Love
1627178228 / 9781627178228
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