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Inside Out Horse: The Inside Story on the Animal That's Born to Run!

Age 7-12
Grade 2-7

David George Gordon

Inside Out Horse: The Inside Story on the Animal That's Born to Run!

Hardcover (becker&mayer! kids Sept. 15, 2020)
Calling all equestrians and horse enthusiasts! Inside Out: Horse gives you an exclusive look at the many exciting parts of the horse, from the powerful muscles that create its gallop, to the special stomach that helps digest more than twenty pounds of grass a day. Alongside beautiful illustrations and photographs, an interactive die-cut model reveals the different systems of the horse.

Horses have been by the sides of humans for centuries, helping carry, pull, and power our world. In Inside Out: Horse, take a journey through this majestic animal, learning how horses are born to run, what makes their special horse sense, and why their skeletons are different from ours. Be amazed by the intricate leg bones, marvel at the size of the horse's heart, and discover what else is inside the horse's body. ​

You'll find all the intriguing differences between humans and horses—and a bunch of things that are the same.

The Inside Out series also includes: Inside Out: Human Body, Inside Out: Shark, Inside Out: T-Rex, Inside Out: Mummy, Inside Out: Medieval Castle, and Inside Out: Pirate Ship.
Inside Out
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