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Dragon Rise
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D.K. Holmberg
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ASH Publishing
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D.K. Holmberg

Dragon Rise

language (ASH Publishing Aug. 1, 2018)
Dragons will return, but who will control them?
After betraying both the empire and the rebellion, Fes and Jayell travel alone, struggling to remain safe when a daring break-in that might provide the needed leverage goes awry. Searching for help requires he go to those who want nothing more than to raise the dragons but it’s where he might finally begin to understand just what it means for him to be Deshazl.

Facing a fight for his life, he discovers he’s not as alone as he thought. With new allies, he might finally be able to save Jayell, but he needs to do so before a new threat attempts to use him for his connection to the long lost dragons—and destroy the empire.

A decision forces him to come to terms with what he really wants. Does he want the protection of the empire, the rebellion, or does he serve only himself?

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