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Lili Chantilly: The Camp Letter Kit

Grade 4-6

Lili Chantilly

Lili Chantilly: The Camp Letter Kit

Paperback (Workman Publishing Company April 11, 2005) , Box edition
Lili rules and (yay!) she’s back! Introducing a quintet of exciting new Lili Chantilly products. Each one pops with energy and vibrant colors and makes expressive girls want to express themselves even more. Hip, fun, and loaded with cool features like stickers, writing prompts, and a false bottom for a box, Lili Chantilly provides girls with the most fabulous accessories for their fabulous lives. An organizer that keeps girls on top of the whirl of activity that comes with summer. Ring binding allows pages to be moved about and removed with ease.
Lily Chantilly
0761138129 / 9780761138129
19.2 oz.
5.8 x 3.1 in.

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