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Allosaurus: The Troublesome Tooth

Age 3-6
Grade 1-2

Catherine Veitch, Steve Brown

Allosaurus: The Troublesome Tooth

Library Binding (Windmill Books Aug. 15, 2020)
Ava the Allosaurus is struggling with a sore tooth, which makes her grumpy. Throughout the accessible and age-appropriate narrative, Ava's friends try to make her feel better, but she takes out her irritations on them. While this story introduces readers to different dinosaur species, it also teaches them about specific emotions and how to handle them. Eye-catching illustrations captivate readers' attention. Give your young learners interested in dinosaurs and those who want to practice their independent reading skills a fun reading experience that will become a favorite.
Dinosaur Adventures
1499484879 / 9781499484878
27.2 oz.

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