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Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married

Marian Keyes, Amy McAllister, Rosa Audiobooks

Lucy Sullivan Is Getting Married

Audible Audiobook (Rosa Audiobooks Dec. 19, 2019)

Lucy Sullivan is 26 and living it up (and occasionally down) in London.

Hers is a life of quiet, undisciplined desperation. But when she and three friends visit a psychic for a bit of fun and the woman's predictions start coming true, Lucy is horrified. For the fortune-teller insisted she'd soon be married - within the year, in fact.Not only does Lucy not have a boyfriend, but the chances of getting one are looking slim.

Between the bottles of wine, antidepressants and her addiction to self-help books, she's not quite ready to walk, or even stumble, down the aisle sober. Is Lucy's fate really written in the stars? Or will she finally take control of her own destiny?