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  • Guide to Fossils

    Firefly Books

    Paperback (Firefly Books, Sept. 6, 2003)
    A practical guide to identifying, understanding and hunting for fossils. The Firefly Guide to Fossils is a practical, pocket-sized and beautifully illustrated field guide. Its introduction explains how fossils form and the history of ancient life. Fossil classification and distribution are described, providing essential background information for students and collectors. Fossil hunting is described in detail with practical advice on everything from finding sites to displaying specimens. The main part of the book presents major groups of fossils, from trilobites to tree ferns in a wide international range, from the common and easy-to-find, to dinosaur bones that would crown any collection. The entries are illustrated with color images accompanied by clear descriptive text. A quick reference identification key organizes the 400 specimens by the major fossil classification, making it easier to find detailed information for each one.