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  • The Long Spring

    Heather Wolf

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, April 15, 2014)
    "If you haven't walked in someone else's shoes, it's difficult to know the fit, so be kind and compassionate." - Heather Wolf, The Long Spring - The Adventures of Kipnuk the Talking Dog continue with book I-A, The Long Spring. In this story, Kipnuk is experiencing his very first springtime at the mountain. This book once again focuses on kindness and compassion. It also tells a story of a young Husky pup named Artek who sticks up for his small friend. The story also teaches how important it is to not be a bully and how a little kindness can change people's hearts. Kipnuk is told a tale from long ago and a new cast of characters will touch your heart. Hope you enjoy! Check out Kipnuk the Talking Dog & The Long Spring on Facebook!