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Other editions of book Science Surprises: More Than 100 Amazing Experiments

  • Science Surprises: More Than 100 Amazing Experiments

    Vicki Cobb

    Paperback (Sky Pony, Aug. 4, 2015)
    With See for Yourself!, budding scientists can wow their teachers and classmates (and maybe win a ribbon or two) by learning:How to extract DNA from an onionHow pigments from vegetables make dyeHow to make paper out of lint from a clothes dryerHow to make a friend feel like he or she has a third handWhat happens when you grow yeast in dandruff shampooThat tea and iron pills make excellent inksAnd much more!See for Yourself! includes experiments in the areas of chemistry, earth science, physical science, the human body, and technology, but the experiments all take their inspiration from very familiar places. The materials needed to execute the experiments can all be inexpensively purchased at the supermarket, the toy store, the hardware store, the stationery store, and the drugstore. Some of the experiments are quick and easy, while others are more challenging. Most include additional suggestions so that curious young scientists can keep on investigating.