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Other editions of book The Captain's Chair: A Science Fiction Adventure

  • The Captain's Chair: A Science Fiction Adventure

    Margaret McGaffey Fisk

    language (TTO Publishing, March 16, 2016)
    A science fiction adventure for ages 13 and up to enjoy.Indie traders value freedom over security.Samantha Marsdom has grand plans to expand the starship she inherited from her father into a profitable indie trader fleet. She has much to prove to herself and her father’s crew, but the path has not been easy. Still, her reputation is growing, and when a prime job comes her way, she’s eager to show the crew, and her childhood friend, she has what it takes to secure their freedom with hefty profits.This is a short story in the Seeds Among the Stars universe. It stands alone and can be read before or after any of the books in the series. An excerpt from book 1, Shafter, is included.The novels in Seeds Among the Stars:Book 1: ShafterBook 2: Trainee