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Other editions of book Secret of the Pink Pokémon

  • Secret of the Pink Pokémon

    Tracey West

    Paperback (Scholastic Inc., Jan. 31, 2017)
    The Orange Islands are weird! Ash and the gang discover Pokémon they've never seen before. Onix is made of crystal. Rhyhorn has turned pink. Marill has super sonar. And Snorlax is on a feeding frenzy! There is one thing Ash can count on. Team Rocket is setting their usual traps to swipe rare Pokémon -- and Pikachu, of course. Can Ash stop them before Pikachu becomes Pink-achu? This reissued illustrated chapter book is based on the classic characters found in Pokemon GO and the classic animated series on Netflix.
  • Secret of the Pink Pokemon

    Tracey West

    Paperback (Scholastic Paperbacks, June 1, 2000)
    Ash, Pikachu, and friends travel to the Orange Islands on their quest to become Pokâemon masters, and encounter strange Pokâemon they have never seen before as they try to stay one step ahead of Team Rocket.