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  • Jasper Explores The Wild West

    Doug Chapman, Shannon Chapman

    Hardcover (Explorers Are We Inc, June 22, 2005)
    The Jasper's Great Canadian Adventure series was created to introduce children to the beauty of Canada and to remind grown-ups who may have forgotten.Illustrated using digital photography with actual locations, the books follow the adventures of Jasper, a lost toy polar bear separated from his Little Girl who must find his way home. They're a series of travel books for anyone who has ever wondered what lies beyond their own backyard.In his third adventure, Jasper Explores the Wild West, Jasper is back in the saddle! As the search for his lost Little Girl continues, the dusty trail leads Jasper back to rugged Alberta. Along the way, Jasper whoops it up at a rodeo, takes on dinosaurs in Drumheller and even finds a girlfriend! Come with Jasper as he discovers jealousy in others and courage in himself, on his....Great Canadian Adventure.