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  • Extra Math Practice: Fifth Grade

    DK Publishing

    Paperback (DK Children, June 17, 2013)
    Building on what children learn in school, and a great supplement to DK's Math Made Easy Workbooks, these guides are filled with worksheets and problems, giving kids the opportunity to practice the mathematical concepts they're learning in school. While each workbook corresponds with the age range and skills of a Math Made Easy Workbook, they can also be used on their own, providing parents and teachers with hands-on learning tools for classrooms and homeschools. Perfect for aligning with the Common Core State Standards, the exercises in Extra Math Practice: Fifth Grade focus on writing and interpreting numerical expressions, classifying two-dimensional figures based on their properties, converting like measurement units, graph points on the coordinate plane and more.
  • Extra Math Practice: Fifth Grade Math Made Easy by DK Publishing


    Mass Market Paperback (DK Children, )