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  • Being Muslim

    Haroon Siddiqui

    Paperback (Groundwood Books, Sept. 2, 2008)
    Long a charged topic in the West, Islam has become incendiary since 9/11, drawing heated reactions from both defenders and critics. The two sides rarely talk, and when they try neither seems to listen. Equally helpful for Muslims and non-Muslims, this book is a cross-cultural attempt to bridge these worlds. Based on the author's travels in Muslim lands and his interviews with experts, Being Muslim examines the impact of terrorism on Muslims and explains how Islam works in the daily lives of believers. Siddiqui dissects the Western media's treatment of Islam and Muslims, shows how extremists are being challenged by a new Islamic generation, and tackles the controversial topics, from terrorism to the treatment of women, that have been used to mischaracterize Islam and its adherents. Being Muslim also shows why there are good reasons to expect a future of mutual understanding. Charts, a glossary, and suggestions for further reading accompany the text.
  • Being Muslim

    Haroon Siddiqui

    Paperback (Groundwood Books, Aug. 16, 1602)
  • Being Muslim Revised Edition by Siddiqui, Haroon

    Haroon.. Siddiqui

    Hardcover (Gruondwood Bks,2008. Revised Edition, Aug. 16, 2008)
    Being Muslim Siddiqui, Haroon