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  • Eight Spinning Planets

    Brian James, Russell Benfanti

    Hardcover (Cartwheel Books, Sept. 1, 2010)
    Travel through the Solar System to meet each of the eight planets with this new spin on the 10 LITTLE LADYBUGS format in space! Get set to explore the solar system one planet at a time! Counting backwards from Mercury to Neptune, EIGHT SPINNING PLANETS features innovative die-cuts throughout to reveal realistic, touchable planets on every spread that disappear one by one with each turn of the page. Young readers will love discovering simple facts about the planets as they feel their way through the sturdy pages of this book. An excellent and playful introduction to the solar system!
  • Eight Spinning Planets by James, Brian

    Brian James

    Hardcover (Cartwheel Books, Aug. 16, 1800)
    Eight Spinning Planets by James, Brian [Cartwheel Books, 2010] Hardcover [Har...