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Other editions of book Adventures of the Little Red Fox

  • Adventures of the Little Red Fox

    Doris Rueger

    Paperback (BalboaPress, Dec. 6, 2011)
    Follow the little red fox into the forest on his first springtime adventure. He leaves home while his parents are still asleep. In his search for excitement he encounters other forest dwellers. He makes friends with a beaver family as they are busy repairing their dam and there he learns his first lesson. The beaver explains to him why beaver dams are so important. Just as he leaves to go home he has an accident. When he gets totally lost in the forest and is tired and scared, he meets a deer and her fawn. Will they take pity upon him and return the little fox to his parents? What will he tell his worried parents when he returns home? How will they greet him after searching for him for many hours?