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  • Writing Skills Book A

    Not Available

    Paperback (Educators Pub Svc Inc, July 30, 2003)
    Reflecting research and best practices, instruction in this student book alternates between grammar and composition. Each concept is illustrated by examples, and writing models are provided throughout
  • Writing Skills Book 2

    Diana Hanbury King

    Paperback (Educators Pub Svc Inc, June 30, 2003)
    Grades 9-10 This second book, for grades 9 and 10, provides a complete grammar course, with structures arranged by function, not form. More complex issues of agreement, usage, pronoun case, and st
  • Writing Skills

    Diana Hanbury King

    Paperback (Educators Pub Svc Inc, Dec. 30, 2004)
  • Writing Skills

    Dianna Hanbury King

    Paperback (Educators Pub Svc Inc, Jan. 1, 2002)
    Writing Skills Book 3 helps high-school students generate ideas, argue points, and understand the major forms of expository writing. This book presents a logical sequence of skills to help students master paragraphs and essays. This book facilitates direct instruction in grammar and composition to help students write clearly, effectively, and with confidence. Skills addressed:Prewriting and organizing Sentence structure and variety Advanced grammar for writing Formal outlining Paragraph structure The types of writing Essays Editing and revisingRecommended in Seton Home Study Grades 9-12, Seton High School Writing Author: Diana Hanbury KingGrade: 9-12Format: Paperback Publisher: Educators Publishing Service ISBN: 0-8388-2052-2
  • All Write: Skills Book


    Paperback (GREAT SOURCE, July 19, 2002)
    Book by GREAT SOURCE
  • Writing Skills 1

    Diana Hanbury King

    Paperback (Educators Pub Svc Inc, Jan. 1, 1990)
  • Writing Skills II

    Diana Hanbury King

    Paperback (Educators Pub Svc Inc, Jan. 1, 1995)
    Book by Diana Hanbury King
  • A Second Writing Book

    Jenny Ackland

    Paperback (Oxford University Press, USA, )
  • Writing Book

    Shakira Carrington

    Paperback (, May 12, 2018)
    A vibrant, engaging and colourful introduction to writing.
  • Writing Skills

    Louis Fidge

    Paperback (Macmillan Education, July 23, 2001)
    This is an English handwriting workbook for primary school children in the Middle East.
  • Writing Skills - Book 2


    Paperback (Educ Pub Service, Paperback(2003), March 24, 2003)
    Writing Skills - Book 2 (04) by King, Diana Hanbury [Paperback (2003)]
  • Writing Skills: Pupil's Book 2

    Louis Fidge

    Paperback (Macmillan Education, May 21, 2001)
    Book by Fidge, Louis