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  • Winter Wonderland

    Claire Svendsen

    language (, Jan. 2, 2015)
    Emily Dickenson finally has everything she’s ever wanted. At least that’s what she thought. But it turns out that living at Fox Run isn’t nearly as glamorous as she imagined it would be, especially now that she is the hired help. Looking after everyone else’s horses wasn’t exactly what she had in mind when she found out she’d be living at the prestigious boarding and training facility. And even though her father is the top trainer there, it seems like he barely has time to give her any lessons at all. In fact, she’s not even sure he wants to fix their broken relationship. But it is Christmas vacation and all anyone can talk about is the Winter Wonderland show. Whoever wins will be guaranteed a spot in the Young Rider clinic, a chance to train with top Olympic riders and the possibility of competing in the Talent Scout Series. And Jess wants to make sure she wins at any cost, even if it means cheating. Only Christmas isn’t just about shows and winning. It’s about helping others and believing in things beyond yourself. Because there is a very special horse out there who needs rescuing and sometimes, Christmas miracles do come true.
  • Wonderland

    Barbara O'Connor, Nina Alvamar, Recorded Books

    Audiobook (Recorded Books, Aug. 28, 2018)
    From Barbara O'Connor, the beloved author of Wish, comes a big-hearted story about the meaning of friendship, the challenges of growing up, and one lovable runaway dog. Mavis Jeeter is fearless and bold, but she has never lived in one place long enough to have a real best friend. Her flighty mother has uprooted them again to another new home and taken a job as a housekeeper for the Tully family. Mavis wants this home to be permanent - which means finding herself a best friend. Rose Tully is a worrier who feels like she doesn't quite fit in with the other girls in her neighborhood. Her closest friend is Mr. Duffy, but he hasn't been himself since his dog died. Rose may have to break a few of her mother's many rules to help Mr. Duffy - and find someone who really understands her. Henry has run away from home, but he craves kindness and comfort - and doesn't know where to look for them. When Mavis and Rose hatch a scheme to find Mr. Duffy a new dog, their lives and Henry's intersect - and they all come to find friendship in places they never expected.
  • Winter Wonderland #5

    Sue Bentley, Angela Swan

    Paperback (Grosset & Dunlap, Sept. 12, 2013)
    It's the storm of the century, and Preeti Namesh and her family are snowed in. That means she's home from school, but she can't even leave to visit her friends! Preeti thinks it's going to be the most boring vacation ever--that is, until magical pony Comet shows up! Comet is on a hunt to find his missing twin sister Destiny. Can Preeti help Comet rescue Destiny, or will the snow sabotage their winter wishes?
  • Winter Wonderland

    Jill Esbaum

    Paperback (National Geographic Children's Books, Oct. 12, 2010)
    Each year, as days grow shorter and trees become bare, the world outside seems to slow and darken. But for children, this time of year is magical. The frosty air crackles with play and laughter. There’s a sense of excitement as snow and cold weather make for outdoor adventures that aren’t possible any other time of year.This charming picture book, the latest in National Geographic’s popular Picture the Seasons series, is a vibrant celebration of winter traditions. Winter means family, as loved ones travel many miles to visit. Holiday events bring a spark of warmth and togetherness that seems to happen only in winter. Twinkling lights and colorful displays bring cheer and goodwill. Glowing candles invite visitors to share a festive meal. Frosty weather outside draws lacy patterns on the windowpanes.With this beautifully photographed book in the home or classroom library, children will return time and again to see, feel, and learn about the magic of winter. An excellent choice for teachers wishing to celebrate the season, as well as for grandparents who seek a meaningful gift for their little ones.
  • Walking in a Winter Wonderland

    Richard B. Smith, Felix Bernard, Tim Hopgood

    Hardcover (Henry Holt and Co. (BYR), Sept. 13, 2016)
    The classic and beloved winter holiday song "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" is brought to life with bright and colorful illustrations.Sleigh bells ring, are you listening . . . Tim Hopgood's joyful and colorful illustrations show all the wonders of winter―snowmen and sleigh rides, sweaters and smiles. Follow a family on their walk through snowy scenes. A beautiful and festive celebration of the season―perfect for sharing!
  • Mouse and Mole: A Winter Wonderland

    Wong Herbert Yee, Michelle O. Medlin, Recorded Books

    Audiobook (Recorded Books, Feb. 23, 2012)
    Acclaimed author Wong Herbert Yee earned a Toy Oppenheim Gold Award with Mouse and Mole: A Winter Wonderland, the fifth installment of the author’s popular series. Mouse and Mole wake one winter morning to find that it’s snowed. But while Mouse can’t wait to play outside, Mole prefers to stay in bed where it’s cozy and warm. Can a special snowman bring the two together?
  • Winter Wonderland #5

    Sue Bentley, Angela Swan

    eBook (Grosset & Dunlap, Oct. 17, 2013)
    It's the storm of the century, and Preeti Namesh and her family are snowed in. That means she's home from school, but she can't even leave to visit her friends! Preeti thinks it's going to be the most boring vacation ever--that is, until magical pony Comet shows up! Comet is on a hunt to find his missing twin sister Destiny. Can Preeti help Comet rescue Destiny, or will the snow sabotage their winter wishes?
  • Winter Wonderland

    Sonali Fry, Melinda Beck

    Paperback (Little Simon, Oct. 7, 2014)
    Brr! This winter-themed doodle book is filled with coloring and activity pages perfect for the youngest artists!Every snowflake that falls from the sky is unique, just like this black-line doodle book with a glittery, glossy cover that inspires budding artists with fun prompts and activities that help them explore the depths of their imaginations.
  • Winter Wonderful

    Amy Sparling

    language (, June 15, 2015)
    After a whimsical wedding and the most romantic honeymoon of a lifetime, Bayleigh and Jace Adams now have to tackle the next obstacle of adulthood. Up until now, Bayleigh has always had Jace by her side, helping her every step of the way.Until one day, running on no sleep and with a baby in her arms, suddenly Jace isn't there and she doesn't know why he hasn't come home from work. Bayleigh has to decide between falling apart or picking herself up and getting through life's obstacles, with or without her husband by her side. Also available: Part 2 - Autumn UnlockedPart 3 - Winter UntoldPart 4 - Spring UnleashedPart 5 - The Beginning of Forever - A full length novelPart 6 - Autumn AdventurePart 7 - Winter WonderfulPart 8 - The Girl with my Heart (a novel from Jace's point of view) Part 9 - Autumn AwakeningPart 10 - Winter WhirlwindPart 11- Unplugged SummerPlus the spin-off series:The Summer SeriesSummer AloneSummer TogetherSummer ApartSummer ForeverJett’s SeriesBelieve in MeBelieve in UsBelieve in ForeverBelieve in LoveBelieve in SummerBelieve in FallBelieve in WinterBelieve in SpringTeam Loco SeriesTaming ZachAlluring AidenCaptivating Clay
  • Winter Wonderland

    David Alonso

    language (, Dec. 12, 2017)
    Seventeen-year-old Stephen Goyle leads a boring life. He wishes something would happen to add some excitement to his staid existence. Unfortunately for Stephen, it’s the season for wishes—and when this one is magically granted, he may end up regretting it.Days before Christmas Eve, Stephen is transported to a land full of ice and snow. This is Winter Wonderland, and it’s in terrible danger. Seeping into the realm is a dreadful evil known to the inhabitants only as the “Dark”—but it has a mysterious tie to Stephen’s own past. Stephen, Winter Wonderland’s new Chosen One, is the only one who can stop the evil from taking over the land forever, and time is running out. When he learns a horrifying secret about his own destiny, Stephen will have to decide whether to fight the darkness and risk being destroyed by it—or succumb to its seductive pull.
  • A Winter Wonderland

    Anne Passchier

    Board book (Sterling Children's Books, Oct. 17, 2017)
    Winter is here, and the mountain is cold and snowy! All the animals who live there are enjoying the season in their own way: Beaver chews trees, mountain goat leaps across the ice, and hare proudly wears his new white coat. But goose must fly away to somewhere warm, while bear naps in his cave. Kids will love the book’s special see-through feature and Anne Passchier’s delightful art.
  • Winter Wonders

    Kate Hannigan, Brooke Boynton Hughes

    Paperback (Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, Sept. 5, 2017)
    Cat and Mr. Henry have set the date for their wedding-Christmas Day! Cousins Willow and Delia are excited to be junior bridesmaids at last, but when a record-breaking Christmas Eve blizzard leaves the whole town stranded, the girls have more to worry about than their wedding duties!The guests are late, and the roof has collapsed over the town's food pantry, leaving many without a holiday meal. Will Delia and Willow be able to help the town's hungry while giving Cat and Mr. Henry the wedding they've dreamed of?Tasty recipes are included throughout as the whole Bumpus family celebrates the true meaning of the holiday season in the final book of the Cupcake Cousins series.