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Books with title What Is Thanksgiving?

  • What Was the First Thanksgiving?

    Joan Holub, Lauren Mortimer, James Bennett

    Paperback (Penguin Workshop, Aug. 15, 2013)
    The history of the feast! After their first harvest in 1621, the Pilgrims at Plymouth shared a three-day feast with their Native American neighbors. Of course, the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag didn’t know it at the time, but they were making history, celebrating what would become a national holiday.
  • It's Thanksgiving!

    Jack Prelutsky, Marylin Hafner

    Paperback (HarperCollins, Aug. 26, 2008)
    It's time for turkey! The parade is about to start. The pumpkin pie is in the oven. The whole family is gathered around the table. And everybody wants to pull the wishbone! From Children's Poet Laureate Jack Prelutsky comes a scrumptious helping of twelve Thanksgiving poems to enjoy every day of the year!
  • Thanksgiving Is . . .

    Gail Gibbons

    Paperback (Holiday House, Oct. 1, 2005)
    Thanksgiving is... A holiday for gratitude. It is turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. It is a time to celebrate and share with family and friends.Explaining the roots of our familiar fall holiday in ancient harvest celebrations, Gail Gibbons' clear, kid-friendly language is accompanied by colorful watercolor illustrations. The story of the Pilgrims' journey and first Thanksgiving feast is retold, as well as the history of Thanksgiving as a national holiday, and the traditions and celebrations that have developed over the years. Thanksgiving Is. . . is a perfect introduction to early American history, and a fun autumn holiday from a children's nonfiction master.
  • Thanksgiving Is . . .

    Gail Gibbons

    Hardcover (Holiday House, Sept. 1, 2004)
    Thanksgiving is turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. It is parades with giant balloons. It is a holiday for remembering the Pilgrims and the Indians they met. Most of all, it is a time to share with family and friends, and a time to give thanks for many blessings.
  • What Is Thanksgiving?

    Michelle Medlock Adams

    Board book (WorthyKids, Sept. 1, 2014)
    A new size for this fun and lively introduction to the meaning of Thanksgiving. Here's an engaging introduction to the true meaning of Thanksgiving, now in a new, convenient size. Michelle Medlock Adams's warm, humorous text lists all of the things that Thanksgiving might be about, before concluding that it is really about giving thanks to God who gives us all these things. Through the whimsical art and rhyming, fun-to-read verse, even the youngest child will come to a fuller understanding of the Thanksgiving holiday. Ages 2-5. This book was a Selah Award Finalist for Best Children's Book of 2016.
  • Thanksgiving Is for Giving Thanks!

    Margaret Sutherland, Sonja Lamut

    Paperback (Grosset & Dunlap, Sept. 11, 2000)
    Sure, Thanksgiving is about pilgrims and history--and turkey, of course!--but most importantly, it's a holiday all about everything that we are thankful for. Cheerful, colorful illustrations accompany the simple text in this celebration of family, friends, and the holiday that brings them all together.
  • What is Thanksgiving?

    Michelle Abrams

    Board book (WorthyKids, Jan. 30, 2000)
    Here's a fun and lively introduction to the true meaning of Thanksgiving. What is Thanksgiving Day about? Please tell me what it means. Is it about the yummy food, Like turkey and green beans? Following the success of What Is Christmas? and What Is Easter?, Michelle Adams brings the same humor and warmth to this little Thanksgiving board book. Through the whimsical art and rhyming verse that's fun to read, even the youngest child will come to understand that Thanksgiving is really about showing gratitude for all the blessings in our lives. Ages 2-5.
  • What Is Thanksgiving?

    Harriet Ziefert, Claire Schumacher

    Paperback (HarperFestival, Sept. 30, 1992)
    By helping her parents prepare a huge Thanksgiving feast for a large and loving extended family, Little Mouse gets a hands-on introduction to the holiday -- and so will young readers as they lift the flaps to join in the fun of the mouse family's Thanksgiving celebration.
  • It's Thanksgiving!

    Tessa Kenan, Intuitive, Lerner Publishing Group

    Audiobook (Lerner Publishing Group, May 4, 2017)
    Carefully leveled text engages young listeners in learning about the traditions and celebrations of the holiday of Thanksgiving. Age-appropriate critical thinking questions help build nonfiction learning skills.
  • What Is Thanksgiving?

    Elaine Landau

    Paperback (Enslow Elementary, July 1, 2011)
    When was the first Thanksgiving? How do we celebrate today? Learn all about this holiday’s symbols and traditions with this fun and easy-to-read book. Enjoy a hands-on activity making a thank-you for a community helper, too!
  • Thanksgiving

    Lizzy Ford

    eBook (, Nov. 20, 2017)
    Half angel. Half demon. 100% teenager. On Halloween, Esme's life changed. This Thanksgiving, she'll count her blessings - and her curses.
  • Today Is Thanksgiving!

    P.K. Hallinan

    eBook (PK Books, Nov. 25, 2014)
    A delightful look at the joys of Thanksgiving Day, from the pen of famed children's author P.K. Hallinan. Includes all aspects of the day: Friendship, Fun, Family, Food, and Football!