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Books with title Whales, Grade 3

  • Whales, Grade 3

    Myrl Shireman

    Paperback (Mark Twain Media, Aug. 28, 2006)
    Wonder about whales? Written for students in grade 3, Whales reveals unique whale behaviors, information about their habitats, and interesting whale characteristics. Students enjoy the vivid pictures of the different whale species. This 22-page book includes a glossary of bold-faced vocabulary words, reading activities, an index of terms, and an answer key.
  • Gray Whales

    John F. Prevost

    Library Binding (Checkerboard Library, Sept. 1, 1995)
    Describes the charateristics and behavior of gray whales, and looks at the experience of whale watching
  • Gray Whales

    Sarah Palmer

    Library Binding (Rourke Pub Group, Sept. 1, 1988)
    Describes gray whales, where they live, what they eat, and their family life.
  • Gray Whales

    Megan M. Gunderson

    Library Binding (Checkerboard Library, Sept. 1, 2010)
    Dive into Earth's oceans and discover the world of the gray whale! Stunning, full-color photos show these barnacle-covered whales above water and below. A range map reveals where these special sea creatures can be found. A labeled diagram helps readers identify flukes, flippers, and more. The gray whale's size, habitat, senses, threats, diet, reproduction, and unique behaviors are also introduced. Plus, find out about the interesting way these baleen whales feed and learn how far they migrate. A facts page, bolded glossary terms, and an index support the engaging, easy-to-read chapter text. Checkerboard Library is an imprint of ABDO Publishing Company.
  • Gray Whales

    Julie Murray

    Library Binding (Buddy Books, Jan. 1, 2005)
    An introduction to the history, physical characteristics, and behavior of the gray whale, a toothless mammal of the northern Pacific Ocean.
  • Gray Whales

    John Becker

    Library Binding (KidHaven, Sept. 24, 2004)
    Discusses the history, characteristics, behavior, and habitat of gray whales, including population decline and recovery and conservation efforts.