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Books with title Three Cheers for Tacky

  • Three Cheers for Hippo!

    John Stadler

    Hardcover (Crowell, Oct. 15, 1987)
    Book by Stadler, John
  • Three Cheers for Thomas

    W Awdry

    Paperback (Egmont (4 Jun. 2015), March 15, 1600)

    Helen Lester

    Unknown Binding (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), Aug. 26, 1996)
  • Three Cheers for Pooh

    Brian Sibley

    Paperback (Egmont Books Ltd, Jan. 1, 2006)
    This is the story of how Winnie-the-Pooh came to be the nation's favourite teddy bear. Winnie-the-Pooh is one of the best-loved children's characters of all time. But how did he become so popular? In this beautifull book, author Brian Sibley tells the story of Pooh's origins and how he came to be the Bear for All Ages. Illustrated with many rare photographs, drawings and sketches, this book is the complete guide to Winnie-the-Pooh and his creators, A.A. Milne and E.H. Shepard. This book really is something quite special. Perfect for fans aged 5 and 55. The nation's favourite teddy bear has been delighting generations of children for 90 years. Milne's classic children's stories - featuring Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Christopher Robin and, of course, Pooh himself - are both heart-warming and funny, teaching lessons of friendship and reflecting the power of a child's imagination like no other story before or since. Pooh ranks alongside other beloved character such as Paddington Bear, and Peter Rabbit as an essential part of our literary heritage. BRIAN SIBLEY is a writer, broadcaster, and life-long Pooh aficionado. His first radio programme was a celebration of Pooh's fiftieth birthday followed, a few years later, by a radio play about A. A. Milne. He compiled The Pooh Book of Quotations and edited The Pooh Sketch Book.
  • Three Cheers for Wales

    Wendy White

    Paperback (Pont, )
  • Three Cheers for Mallow

    Olivia Moss

    Paperback (Scholastic Inc., Jan. 1, 2008)
    In Butterfly Meadow, colorful butterflies dance through the air, glow worms inch through the grass, and bumblebees buzz around every flower. It's a place where friendships and adventures take flight! Spunky Mallow is organizing a special sports day. All of the different insects and animals are excited to compete! But when Mallow gets hurt, will Dazzle be able to take her place?
  • Three Cheers For... Who?

    Nancy E. Krulik, Wendy, John

    Library Binding (Turtleback, Jan. 6, 2011)
    FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. When Katie's interest in cheerleading and Suzanne's jealousy threaten to cause a full-fledged spirit war to break out in class 4A, the magic wind switches Katie into the body of a real cheerleader, at the top of a pyramid.
  • Three Cheers for Big Ears

    Mary Rose Pearson, Julie Parks

    Paperback (Tyndale House Pub, July 1, 1992)
    Joshua feels bad when the other kids tease him about his big ears, but then he learns to accept himself the way God made him.
  • Three Cheers for Mallow!

    Olivia Moss

    Paperback (Scholastic Paperbacks (2008-08-01), Jan. 1, 1656)
  • Three Cheers for Keisha

    Teresa Reed, Eric Velasquez

    School & Library Binding (San Val, May 15, 1998)
    Book by Reed, Teresa
  • Three Cheers For Sam

    Ann McDonagh-Bengtsson, Frank Rodgers

    Paperback (Corgi Childrens, )
  • Three Cheers for Errol

    Babette Cole

    Hardcover (Guild/Heinemann, March 15, 1988)