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Books with title Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma Course Guide with Digital Access

  • Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma Course Guide with Digital Access

    Wendy Heydorn, Susan Jesudason, Richard van de Lagemaat

    Paperback (Cambridge University Press, July 31, 2020)
    Help your students to flourish as knowers with this updated series for first examination 2022 Written by experienced authors and examiners, this third edition encourages students to explore 'What is knowledge? Why, and how do we learn?'. This print and digital course guide helps shape students into internationally minded citizens as they critically assess the world around them. Students will explore real-world examples and independently reflect on their knowledge, growing as knowers. A dedicated chapter focuses on building skills for assessment, so students will be fully prepared to excel in the essay and exhibition.
  • Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diploma Digital Teacher's Resource Access Card

    Tomas Duckling

    Unknown Binding (Cambridge University Press, Oct. 31, 2020)
    Developed by an experienced Head of TOK in collaboration with TOK teachers from the Cambridge Panel, our guide features everything you need to deliver this thought-provoking course. Within every chapter you will find flexible teaching plans, language focuses, discussion activities, extension tasks, worksheets and homework ideas. In addition, tailored advice is provided for specific areas such as linking TOK to other subjects and sourcing real-world examples. Dedicated chapters on preparing students for the essay and new exhibition help you set your students up for assessment success.