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Books with title The Wicked King

  • Kingdom of the Wicked


    Audio CD (HarperCollins Publishers Ltd, )
  • The Wicked Wood

    Isobelle Carmody, Nan McNab

    eBook (Allen & Unwin, Aug. 1, 2013)
    A dozen of the most exciting and unique writers for young people have chosen fairytales as starting points for their own original stories, in this surprising and spellbinding two-volume collectionIn this companion to The Wilful Eye, six celebrated writers—Catherine Bateson (Stranded in Boringville), Victor Kelleher (Dogboy), Cate Kennedy (The World Beneath), Maureen McCarthy (Rose by Any Other Name), Nan McNab, and Kate Thompson (The New Policeman)—reclaim fairytales, taking readers back to the deep, dark woods where wolves howl and not everything can be explained. Readers of these stories will lose themselves in the forest; a place of danger, mystery, and transformation.
  • The Wicked Wand

    Steve Shilstone

    Bekka, please listen to me. In your 6th chronicle, The Wicked Wand, heed the warning of your best friend Kar. Be satisfied with your new collection of 22 magic rings. Do not try to find the hiding place of the Wand just because it, too, now belongs to you. It is dangerous. You know it. Kar knows it. You say you can control it. Kar doubts that deeply, but she will help if you insist on going. She won’t allow you to travel alone on your quest even though she thinks it foolish. You are lucky to have a friend like Kar, and soon, oh soon, you will know why.
  • The wicked day

    Mary Stewart

    Hardcover (Hodder and Stoughton, Jan. 1, 1983)
    This copy carries the Canadian jacket which was not priced.
  • The Story of a Wicked King


    language (Green Leaf Publishing Co.,, April 9, 2009)
    Nicole Constance Douglas, at the age of 9, is the youngest published writer of prolific stories for children. This Nr.1 Book of a beginning series called "Little Stories to Tell" is the result of her rich, never-tiring imagination. Very few are influences from old and long forgotten fairy tales told and retold by her parents. Nicole Constance began writing at the age of 5, encouraged by her father Chris Sebastian Douglas (the author of "Love and Beyond", "The Rubayiat of Omar Khayyam", "Exantus' Quatrains" and "Renaissance") whose editing contours every story. Each book shall be numbered and released monthly bearing one full story. Read and enjoy the new adventures in 'Little Stories to Tell' while traveling into the world of fantasy and the unknown. A Green Leaf Publishing Book
  • The Wicked Cat

    Christopher Pike

    Hardcover (Aladdin, Oct. 13, 2015)
    A mysterious cat causes chaos in the tenth book in New York Times bestselling author Christopher Pike’s Spooksville series.Adam and his friends are exploring the area around Spooksville when they come across a black cat. It seems friendly: it purrs when they rub its back, and licks its paws like any other cat. But then it follows them back to town, and strange things begin to happen. A tree falls down, and a house catches fire. Each time something bad happens, the cat is there—watching, with its strange green eyes. And it won’t go away. Adam and his friends don’t know what to do. Especially when the fearsome feline begins to use its powers on them!
  • The Wishing King

    Michael Hendricks

    Minimum-wage dreamer Neil Marshall leaves a life of hopes and excuses with one rub of a lamp and lands in a world of wonder; a realm of genies who need humans to speak wishes and make miracles. A tournament of wishes awaits amidst the spires of al'Manare, promising fame and favor for any who can claim its crown. But an unseen menace reigns over the lands of the jinn. Can Neil's imagination and determination make him the hero he always wished he could be? Or will one more body sink into the shadowed sands beneath the gilded towers?
  • The Wicked Day

    Mary Stewart

    Audio CD (Blackstone Audio, Inc., Oct. 31, 2017)
    [Read by Derek Perkins]Mary Stewart's stunning Arthurian Saga that began with The Crystal Cave, The Hollow Hills, The Last Enchantment continues withThe Wicked Day, the story of the clash between King Arthur and his bastard son, Mordred.Born of an incestuous relationship between King Arthur and his half sister, and prophesied by Merlin to kill Arthur, Mordred is stolen away from his mother and raised in secrecy by a kind couple on an isolated Orkney island in the hopes that he will defy his fate.Mordred, known to history as a traitor and a murderer, is no villain, but a quick-witted young man, with hopes and dreams of his own. But try as he might, Mordred cannot escape Merlin's prophecy.His mother, the evil sorceress Morgause tracks her son down and takes him back, then feeds the flames of Mordred's ambition, setting into motion a chain of events that will go down in history -- and legend -- as father and son are finally forced to confront each other one last time: on the wicked day of destiny, when Arthur's final battle will be fought.
  • Weathering the Wicked

    C Penticoff

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, June 15, 2018)
    In this young adult epic fantasy, take a step into a fantastical world one could only dream about. From evil wizards to witch doctors and fairies, join June for an adventure of a lifetime: Where she will enter a world full of pure imagination, magic, and enlightenment. How far would you go to rescue someone you love? Would you travel to a magic and spiritually enlightening land that would instantly change the course of your life? If traveling to another realm wasn’t troublesome enough, befriending a fairy, developing feelings for Ryder, and facing off with a wicked sorcerer was enough to send June’s reality into a hazy mess. From the ashes of mortal humanity rises a young female savior to take on the wicked forces of Folklaria. With the odds stacked against her, can June conquer her fears and uncertainties to rescue, not only her sister, but an entire land riddled with wicked magic?
  • Kingdom of the Wicked

    Derek Landy

    Paperback (HarperCollins Publishers, Jan. 1, 2012)
  • The Wicked Trick

    Yvonne McCall

    Paperback (Concordia Publishing House, June 1, 1972)
    Genesis 27:1 - 28:5,10,11 for children
  • The Wicked One

    Mollie Hunter

    Paperback (Harper Trophy Books, Sept. 1, 1980)
    Incessantly tormented by the Grollican, a creature of the Otherworld, Colin Grant and his family flee to America from their native Highlands of Scotland.