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Books with title The Story of Prince Rama

  • Ramayana: The Story of Rama


    Paperback (Ind-Us, )
  • The Story Of Princess Lily

    Cathy Mankin

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Feb. 9, 2010)
    A short story for toddlers or the young at heart. The Story Of Princess Lily is a fairy tale that's fun for all ages. A little female dog is a ruler over a kingdom full of forest creatures. Her birthday is coming soon. See what the little animals have in store for their beloved princess.
  • The Story of Rama: Pt. 2

    St James Schools

    Paperback (St James Publishing, Sept. 1, 2001)
  • The Story of Prince Fairyfoot

    Frances Hodgson Burnett

    (e-artnow, Dec. 2, 2013)
    This carefully crafted ebook: β€œThe Story of Prince Fairyfoot (Stories from the Lost Fairy-Book, Re-told by the Child Who Read Them)” is formatted for your eReader with a functional and detailed table of contents. "THE STORY OF PRINCE FAIRYFOOT" was originally intended to be the first of a series, under the general title of "Stories from the Lost Fairy-Book, Re-told by the Child Who Read Them," concerning which Mrs. Burnett relates: "When I was a child of six or seven, I had given to me a book of fairy-stories, of which I was very fond. Before it had been in my possession many months, it disappeared, and, though since then I have tried repeatedly, both in England and America, to find a copy of it, I have never been able to do so. I asked a friend in the Congressional Library at Washington--a man whose knowledge of books is almost unlimited--to try to learn something about it for me. But even he could find no trace of it; and so we concluded it must have been out of print some time. I always remembered the impression the stories had made on me, and, though most of them had become very faint recollections, I frequently told them to children, with additions of my own. The story of Fairyfoot I had promised to tell a little girl; and, in accordance with the promise, I developed the outline I remembered, introduced new characters and conversation, wrote it upon note paper, inclosed it in a decorated satin cover, and sent it to her. In the first place, it was re-written merely for her, with no intention of publication; but she was so delighted with it, and read and reread it so untiringly, that it occurred to me other children might like to hear it also. So I made the plan of developing and re-writing the other stories in like manner, and having them published under the title of 'Stories from the Lost Fairy-Book, Re-told by the Child Who Read Them.'" Frances Eliza Hodgson Burnett (1849 – 1924) was an English-American playwright and author. She is best known for her children's stories, in particular Little Lord Fauntleroy (published in 1885-6), A Little Princess (1905), and The Secret Garden (1911).
  • The Story of Princess Olivia

    Charles Egbert

    eBook (Bunker Hill Publishing Inc, Sept. 21, 2013)
    Princess Olivia - How it came to be. A few years ago, my wife, Carol, was a vendor at a Vermont Farmers' Market. A farmer, Mimi, sold goat cheese in the stand next to her. Her daughter, Olivia was a shy, blonde, girl who raced around the market playing games with a friend. Every Saturday I helped Carol set-up her paintings and then enjoyed the market. When it was time to pack up, I helped Carol and Olivia helped Mimi. We all became friends. One day Olivia
  • The Story of Bonnie Prince Shea


    Hardcover (Trafford Publishing, April 18, 2007)
    This series of books is to help others who find they have "lost" a child taken from time. To help them see their spirit shining in the rainbows, sunshine, fluffy clouds, and in reflections. To help them help other children 'understand' that the spirit goes on and becomes one with all, and all with one.