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Books with title The Story of Our Flags Coloring Book

  • Story of the Civil War Coloring Book

    Peter F. Copeland

    Paperback (Dover Publications, Jan. 1, 1991)
    All the drama of the American Civil War comes vividly to life in these ready-to-color scenes of key moments in that epic conflict. Here are panoramic views of land and sea battles, revealing vignettes that dramatize social and political issues of the period, and detailed close-ups of uniforms, equipment, and locale.Forty authentically rendered illustrations (including five double-page spreads) depict a slave auction in 1860, black leaders Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass, the battle for the federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, the bombardment of Fort Sumter, a naval battle between the first American iron-clad ships — the Monitor and the Merrimac — the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, the Battle of Gettysburg, Lee's surrender to Grant at Appomattox, the assassination of Lincoln at Ford's Theater, and much more.
  • The Story of World War I Coloring Book

    Gary Zaboly

    Paperback (Dover Publications, June 19, 2013)
    Starting with tranquil scenes of prosperity that were shattered by the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand and concluding with the signing of the Armistice and the Treaty of Versailles, this dramatic coloring book traces the history of "the war to end all wars." Thirty-five realistic illustrations depict Gallipoli, Jutland, and other momentous battles; the introduction of gas, machine guns, and other new weaponry; Mata Hari, Lawrence of Arabia, and other famous figures; and a chronological view of historic events.
  • The Story of Our Flags Coloring Book

    Not Available

    Paperback (Bellerophon Books, June 1, 1987)
    Beautifully illustrated, this edition tells us all about Our Flag's evolution. The Great Eagle Seal is also explained.
  • The Story of the Alamo Coloring Book

    Peter F. Copeland

    Paperback (Dover Publications, Sept. 20, 2005)
    Join the defenders of the Alamo and relive a heroic struggle against overwhelming odds. The defense of the Alamo has become an American legend, and the building is a shrine to Texas liberty. These 30 carefully researched drawings chronicle events leading up to the fall of the 18th-century mission and the last stand of Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, and many others who fought bravely for independence. Captioned scenes include the Mexican advance halted by rebels firing from behind earthworks; Texans of Mexican descent in revolt against the dictator Santa Anna; raising the flag of the Texas rebels; the arrival of Davey Crockett at the Alamo; a meeting under a flag of truce; and much more.
  • Flags of the World Colouring & Sticker Book

    Susan Meredith

    Paperback (Usborne Publishing, Dec. 28, 2017)
    Discover the national flag of every independent country in the world in this fascinating sticker and colouring book. Fix the stickers in place, then use them as a guide for colouring in the flags. Grouped by continent, there are maps matching each flag to its country, information on flag colours and symbols and links to carefully selected websites.
  • Story of the Vikings Coloring Book

    A. G. Smith

    Paperback (Dover Publications, May 1, 1988)
    Their contemporaries saw them as a hostile and hateful people — faithless and cruel enemies of civilization. But recent evidence gathered from archaeological ruins and a studied reappraisal of their achievements indicates that the Vikings were more than just a seafaring, warrior people. They practiced a disciplined and structured way of life, and were bound by a strict code of honor.Author A. G. Smith has chronicled the saga of these feared and fearless adventurers in this thoroughly researched coloring book. Thirty-eight realistically rendered drawings, including six double-page spreads, trace the exciting story of the Norsemen, whose daring explorations and warring ways profoundly affected European history from the eighth through the eleventh centuries.Here are vivid recreations of Viking life in Norway and Iceland; of raids in England and France; depictions of their presence in America (Vinland) and Russia; ship constructions, weapons, art, literature, mythology, agriculture, decisive battles, runes, and much more. An informative introduction outlines Viking history and ways of life, while descriptive captions for each illustration provide additional, fascinating information. Colorists will find Story of the Vikings Coloring Book offers hours of rewarding and educational coloring fun; artists and illustrators will appreciate the remarkable royalty-free illustrations, ideal for book and magazine illustrations and a host of other graphic purposes.
  • My Bible Story Coloring Book: The Books of the Bible


    Paperback (Zonderkidz, Nov. 28, 2017)
    Children can now color their way through 32 beloved stories from the Bible, featuring text from the New International Reader’s Version (NIrV). Favorite characters such as Noah, Daniel, Mary, and Jesus are brought to life in this 144-page coloring book. After coloring, the pages can be displayed to encourage creativity and memory of the classic Bible stories.This book is perfect for young children just beginning their journey through the Bible.
  • Flags of the world coloring book


    Paperback (Independently published, April 9, 2019)
    A great coloring book for kids to learn the flags of the world. There are 201 flags to color with a colored flag to copy and there is information on the flag and when the flags was adopted. This makes for a great educational book.
  • The Story of Robin Hood Coloring Book

    John Green

    Paperback (Dover Publications, Sept. 12, 2018)
    Travel back in time to join the famous archer and his merry men! Escape to Sherwood Forest to meet the heroic outlaw who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Forty-four illustrations to color, accompanied by informative captions, depict dramatic scenes from the story of Robin Hood and his jolly bandit comrades — including Little John, Friar Tuck, and Will Scarlet — along with other legendary characters, from faithful Maid Marian to wicked Prince John and the dastardly Sheriff of Nottingham.
  • The Coloring Book of

    Diane Ramic

    Paperback (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Oct. 28, 2016)
    The prehistoric world and those creatures that inhabited it have held the interest of paleontology fans of all ages. Our knowledge of these animals expands with each passing year, but outdated and incorrect ideas still persist in modern media. This coloring book strives to challenge those inaccuracies by introducing media that included research to produce scientifically plausible, yet still slightly stylized, dinosaurs. Inside this book, you will find 26 illustrations of dinosaurs species, ranging from their origins in the Triassic, to the modern species that survived the end-Cretaceous extinction event. Each page contains an illustration of varying difficulty, the dinosaurs’ genus, the era it lived in, the area it was discovered in, and a few facts about the animal in question.
  • Flags Coloring Book

    Speedy Publishing LLC

    Paperback (Speedy Kids, June 16, 2015)
    You may think coloring is just a means to quiet your child; but it's actually much more than that. Coloring is a brain-boosting activity that targets parts of the brain responsible for memory retention. It helps improve hand and eye coordination, knowledge, motor skills, creativity and self-expression too! Grab a copy today!
  • The Story of the Nutcracker Coloring Book

    E. T. A. Hoffmann, Thea Kliros

    Paperback (Dover Publications, Sept. 1, 1990)
    A perennial favorite at Christmastime, this captivating story of a little girl's love for an enchanted nutcracker will delight youngsters (and the young at heart) the year round. Illustrator Thea Kliros captures the mood and charm of E. T. A. Hoffmann's beloved classic in her simplified coloring book version of the original story. Thirty-six ready-to-color line drawings need only a touch of color from crayons, felt-tip pens, or colored pencils to bring a host of memorable characters and enchanting scenes to vivid life.Coloring book enthusiasts can participate directly in the drama and fantasy of an engaging tale that imaginatively describes Christmas Eve at the Stahlbaum household, the arrival of eccentric Godpapa Drosselmeier, the presentation of the Nutcracker, the battle between Nutcracker and the seven-headed King of the Mice, adventures in Christmas Wood, and many other scenes.