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  • Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin, Calvin Thais, Calvin Publishing

    Audible Audiobook (Calvin Publishing, May 30, 2019)
    A biography of the life of Benjamin Franklin. This audiobook tells the extraordinary life tale of Benjamin Franklin in a fun way, offering an excellent introduction for younger listeners. This edition also includes a timeline of events surrounding Franklin's life and study questions, which can be used both in the classroom or at home to further engage the listener in the story. This new edition is specifically tailored to engage and educate young listeners with some of the greatest works ever written, while still thrilling older listeners who have loving memories of this series of old. Each book of the series contains dedicated theme discussions and study questions to further develop the listener's understanding and enjoyment of the work at hand.
  • The Amazing Life of Benjamin Franklin

    James Cross Giblin, James Giblin, Michael Dooling

    Paperback (Scholastic Press, Jan. 1, 2006)
    Now available in paperback for the first time, James Cross Giblin and Michael Dooling tell the story of the man known as the "wisest American."Benjamin Franklin was one of seventeen children, and the youngest of 10 sons. To help out with the family, he was put to work when he was 10 years old in his father's candle and soap-making shop. Ben hated making soap and candles. Since he was smart and a good speller and he loved to read, he later went to work in his brother's print shop as an apprentice. He read book after book, and soon began to write himself. By 18, he moved to Philadelphia where he eventually openend his own print shop. By age 28 he published "Poor Richard's Almanac," a best seller in Colonial America.
  • The Story of Benjamin Franklin

    Patricia A. Pingry

    Board book (WorthyKids, Feb. 1, 2002)
    This little boardbook uses approximately 200 words to introduce young children to one of America's most fascinating historical figures. Franklin was the only man to sign the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Treaty of Paris. Stephanie Britt's gently humorous illustrations make this boardbook fun for the young child.
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Ingri D'Aulaire, Edgar Parin D'Aulaire

    Paperback (Beautiful Feet Books, Nov. 1, 1998)
    Recommended by: The American Library Association The Child Study Association National Council for the Social Studies Details the life of this famous American from his boyhood as one of the youngest of seventeen children, to his teen years as an apprentice in his brother's print shop and his later years as an inventor, statesman, diplomat, and signer of the Declaration of Independence. Children and adults alike will enjoy learning about the fascinating life Franklin led from the lively text and beautiful illustrations of this d'Aulaire classic. Folk art style illustrations are enhanced with pert aphorisms from Poor Richard's Almanac on each page. Sayings include Franklin s originals like, Don t throw stones at your neighbors if your own windows are glass and Better slip with foot than by tongue and Well done is better than well said. Readers will learn that Benjamin's father wanted him to be a candlemaker and that "it was a piece of luck that his kite experiment had not killed him." They will also come to know the inventor whose thirst for knowledge led him to constantly seek to improve the lives of his fellow men. Follow his life as a leader in the American Revolution and ambassador to both Britain and France and learn why the French hailed him as the man who "tore the lightning from the sky and the scepter from the tyrants."
  • The Story of Benjamin Franklin: Amazing American

    Margaret Davidson

    Paperback (Yearling, Feb. 1, 1988)
    Ben Franklin was an amazing American because he was:* a printer and businessman who created Poor Richard's Almanac* the inventor of the lightning rod and the Franklin stove* a community leader who started the first public library in America* a statesman who helped to gain our country's freedom from the BritishThese are only a few ways in which Ben was amazing. This book tells you much more about him.
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Edmund S. Morgan

    eBook (Yale University Press, Sept. 30, 2002)
    Draws on Franklin's extensive writings to provide a portrait of the statesman, inventor, and Founding Father.
  • The Value of Saving: The Story of Benjamin Franklin

    Spencer Johnson, Steve Pileggi

    Hardcover (Value Communications, Aug. 1, 1978)
    A brief biography of the outstanding 18th-century printer, inventor, and statesman, emphasizing the value of saving in his life.
  • Benjamin Franklin : The Life of Benjamin Franklin

    E.S. Mallery

    Benjamin Franklin : The Life of Benjamin FranklinBenjamin Franklin was a polymath, a universal genius who was good at everything he turned his hand to. In spite of his humble background with only two years of schooling and an unfinished apprenticeship Benjamin Franklin became a witty writer, a man of science and inventor of astonishing things, a linguist, composer, philosopher and statesman. Benjamin Franklin took part in the American Revolution by signing the Declaration of Independence, secured the victory of the colonies over Britain by winning the support of the French and helped to frame the Constitution of the United States. As a politician Benjamin Franklin never tired of doing the best he could and tried to help others to do the same.Benjamin Franklin was an outstanding individual, but had to make private sacrifices too. Benjamin Franklin's wife Deborah was the love of his life, but they had only two children together. Benjamin Franklin's first child Frankie died of small pox when he was four years old, and Benjamin Franklin had to live with the knowledge that a vaccination could have saved his boy’s life. Benjamin Franklin's daughter Sarah had seven children and looked after her father in his old age. Benjamin Franklin's career involved many long stays abroad and as Deborah refused to accompany him, they hardly ever saw each other and she died lonely and heartbroken. William, his illegitimate son from a relationship before his union with Deborah, deeply disappointed his father by staying loyal to the British during the Revolutionary War. Benjamin never forgave his son. Maybe he derived some comfort from the company of his illegitimate grandson who grew up in his household and later became Benjamin’s secretary. There can be personal tragedy in the life of the most admirable human being. Benjamin Franklin is remembered as one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America.
  • Benjamin Franklin: Inventor of the Nation!

    Mark Shulman, Kelly Tindall, Shane Corn, Jeff Martin, Christopher Peterson, John Roshell

    Hardcover (Portable Press, May 5, 2020)
    The story of America’s foremost inventor and diplomat, Benjamin Franklin, in graphic novel format.Benjamin Franklin has been called one of the most accomplished and influential Americans in history, and his role in shaping the United States has had a lasting impact that is still felt today. From his birth in Boston in 1706 to his days as a printer, inventor, and politician, Benjamin Franklin: Inventor of the Nation! tells the story of “the First American” in an accessible graphic novel format. Franklin’s research into topics as varied as electricity, meteorology, demography, and oceanography were as wide-ranging and important as his travels, which took him across the globe as a diplomat for the newly founded United States toward the end of the 18th century.
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Ingri d'Aulaire, Edgar Parin d'Aulaire

    Hardcover (Doubleday Books for Young Readers, March 5, 1985)
    In this outstanding picture book biography, first-time readers will meet one of America's most extraordinary historical figures. Inventor, philosopher, writer, publisher and adviser for the Declaration of Independence, Ben Franklin brought to a new and growing nation his intelligence and wit.A NCSS-CBC Notable Children's Book in the Field of Social Studies, A Child Study Children's Book Committee: Children's Book of the Year.
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Kathleen Krull, Boris Kulikov

    Paperback (Puffin Books, Aug. 7, 2014)
    The electrifying biography of innovative scientist Benjamin Franklin is the perfect addition to this outstanding series!Benjamin Franklin is a famous colonial inventor and multitasker who may be best remembered as one of America’s Founding Fathers. But he was also a “natural philosopher” (the term for scientists back in the 1700s), whose experiments led to important discoveries about the nature of electricity—including his famous demonstration that electricity and lightning were one and the same. In a fantastic addition to the much-lauded Giants of Science series, this biography sheds new light on the man who considered science his true calling in life.Praise for the Giants of Science series:“With an inviting, conversational narrative, this series launches with an impressive start.” —Publishers Weekly, starred review of Leonardo da Vinci “The second title in Krull’s Giants of Science series meets, and perhaps even exceeds, expectations set by the debut, Leonardo da Vinci. Krull and Newton are a match made in heaven….” —Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books, starred review of Isaac Newton “ Another standout in a uniformly stellar series.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review of Albert Einstein“An illuminating, humanizing portrait”—Booklist, starred review of Charles Darwin“Krull presents another top-notch scientific biography in the outstanding Giants of Science series.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review of Marie Curie “Krull lives up to the promise of the first two entries in her Giants of Science series with this lucid and thoughtful examination of Freud’s life, work, and legacy.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review of Sigmund Freud
  • The Story of Benjamin Franklin

    Clare Tree Major

    language (A. J. Cornell Publications, Nov. 13, 2010)
    This book, originally published in 1922, is part of a highly readable and enjoyable series of books, Famous Americans for Young Readers, which includes volumes on George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Edison, and others. These stories of statesmen, presidents, and inventors are presented to inspire students to follow their examples of courage, determination, honesty, and willingness to work. Suitable for young readers and adults.From the book’s preface: “There is an irresistible appeal to both young and old in the figure of Benjamin Franklin. Whether we view him as the printer’s apprentice in Boston, or the man of affairs busied with many things for the advancement of his adopted town, or the simply dressed American standing before Lords and crowned heads, or as one of the drafters of the Declaration of Independence, or as an amateur scientist dabbling with electricity — in these and many another situations he seems like a personal friend. His face and form have not been obscured by the cobwebs of history.”CONTENTSI. The Printer’s ApprenticeII. A Runaway BoyIII. Franklin Opens His Own ShopIV. A First Taste of Public AffairsV. Clerk of the AssemblyVI. Electricity, and Other ThingsVII. The Leading CitizenVIII. Franklin Aids General BraddockIX. Franklin’s First Official Visit to EnglandX. A Long Absence AbroadXI. The HomecomingXII. Franklin Tries to Stop the Stamp ActXIII. Family AffairsXIV. The Political Pot Boils OverXV. Franklin’s Work in FranceXVI. Closing Events of a Busy Life